Remote teams built on trust

Remate is the All-In-One tool for mates working remotely.

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Remote first

64 Robots, the team behind Remate, is a 100% remote team since day one. Our philosophy is simple: A happy teammate makes better products for happier clients. So we built a tool for managing business happiness.

  • Project tracking with respect

    Time tracking without activity indicators, screenshots or other invasive tools. Just measure what matters. The entire team can see the status of a project in real time.

  • Company handbook

    Communication Guide, Code of Conduct, Vacation, Perks and benefits, Bonuses, Conferences, you name it.

  • Async by default

    With Remate you decide when and how you work. Setting up your working hours and your timezone, your team will know when you are online, on a break and what you're working on.

  • Social Events

    Being remote doesn't mean you need to be isolated. Select coffee break and join a room where you can take a break and chat with your other mates. Remate also takes care of standups, meetings, birthdays, the day you joined the company, country specific holidays and other special dates.

We like integrations

Remate connects with third party APIs smoothly. Google Meet, Slack and many others.

  • Slack notifications

    If you connect Remate with Slack, a bot will remind you of birthdays, company anniversaries, and funny stuff. It will also ask for help on projects that need work to keep them on track. The possibilities are infinite.

  • Google Meet videochats

    There is always a coffee room availabe to hop into. In addition, you can schedule regular standups or team calls.

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We care about the protection of your data. Read our Privacy Policy.